Sharing Her Career as Flight Attendant

Statistically, every year, there are a total between 3 to 5 thousands people applying for the flight attendant positions here in Malaysia, and less than 10% of the total candidates are eventually selected (sometimes, it is much less than that). The most appealing benefit of being a flight attendant is the travel opportunities that come with the position.

The salary of a flight attendant also can be lucrative as it can range between RM3000 thousand to RM10,000 depending on the airlines, and other additional monetary allowances. Additionally, the position also normally comes with other perks that include generous ticket discount (which can be up to a staggering 90% off the normal price, and at times, free), housing allowances & packages, 5-star hotel pit stop and accommodation, and so on.

One of the primary responsibilities of a flight attendant (or a steward/stewardess or cabin crew as we commonly know) is to ensure that all safety regulation on the aircrafts are being followed and adhered. Besides, he or she will have a role to make sure the passengers are comfortable and served in a prompt and professional manner.


The exact requirements for a flight attendant depend on the airlines itself. While there are similarities among them, they are not exactly the same. For example, here are a set of requirements recently advertised by Singapore Airlines, SIA:

  • Singapore or Malaysian citizenship (or others)
  • Females with min 1.58m of height, male with min 1.65m of height
  • At least 2 GCE A-Level (STPM equivalent) credits and 2 O-Level (SPM equivalent), or a Diploma from a local Polytechnic
  • For Malaysian qualification, a min of grade B4 in English at SPM level
  • Preference will be given to candidates who are able to speak foreign languages or those who possess experience in customer service

Alternatively, compare the requirements with those of Air Asia:

  • SPM with credit in English and Bahasa Malaysia or equivalent
  • Age between 20 to 30 years old
  • Male height: min 1.70m, max 1.83 barefoot
  • Female height: min 1.57m, max 1.70m barefoot
  • Eyesight: 6/9

Now compare to the requirements for Emirates Airlines:

  • Min 21 years old at the time of application
  • Min arm reach of 212cm (on tip toes), which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types
  • Educated at least high school standard
  • Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements
  • Fluent in written and spoken English (fluency in another language is an asset)
  • Previous experience in the service/hospitality industry an advantage
  • Possess ability to provide excellent service within a team environment

So, as you can see, there are some variations on how different commercial airlines set their standard and requirements. And we haven’t even started discussing about the interview, assessment, training and life being a cabin crew. While there are many articles and guides you can see out there but you’re still short of the real and practical advice from someone who has been there, done that. And sometimes you ask, “How do I start?”

The cavalry has arrived.

Flight Attendant Career/JobFor those who are contemplating if you are cut out to have a successful career air borne, especially as a flight attendant, well, your predicament is perhaps about to be over now.

A flight attendant by the name of Laila Jasmin, who has many years of experience working with the commercial and corporate airlines, decided to document her experience and share her tips on having a successful career as a flight attendant. It is a written in an ebook entitled Cruising On a Red Carpet: The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Commercial Flight Attendant.

Laila described, in her own words:

For years I’ve visited many great and beautiful places arround the world. I’ve greeted numerous faces and having friends to many races and cultures. I’ve served people from all walks of life, from ordinary people, business tycoon, celebrities, politicians, ministers, and royalties.

I’ve faced and overcomed various glitches, incidents, and problems during my years as a flight attendant. And through each of these unique experiences, I’ve changed and seasoned.

And best of all, as years goes by I discovered that this career is really very exciting, demanding and challenging. . But, I only share my excitements with my circle of friends and reporting any incidents to my superior. And many of my friends have wondered why do I love flying?

At that moment, I discovered little was known what life like as a flight attendant. To the outside world this was only reserved to those who were lucky enough to be picked. The portrayal of flight attendant in any films, fictions and drama is just like the tip of the iceberg. I wrote this e-book to reveal that you too can be one!

Flight Attendant Career/Job

The ebook is selling at RM35.90. It details out some of the useful information such as the prerequisites of being a flight attendant, how to apply for the job, the probation period, interview tips, typical routine of a flight attendant, and many more. You can get the detail’s of Laila’s ebook on becoming a commercial flight attendant here.

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