Shell Scholarship

Shell scholarship now in the offering

Shell scholarship is now here in the offering to interested and qualified Malaysian candidates. SPM leavers can now begin to apply for the scholarship using their trial exam results, while Matriculation students can also do so by submitting the latest semester results.

Where educational scholarship is concerned, Shell has always been at the forefront in identifying highly capable students and offering financial aid and assistance to the students pinpointed. Apart from good financial assistance, successful candidates will also be potential absorbed as a Shell employee upon graduation.

But making yourself an ideal shell scholarship candidate is an extremely huge competition. Other than good academic track record, potential scholarship recipients are also expected to showcase their active participation in non-curricular activities, as well as showing respectable leadership skills. Involvement in sports, debate competitions, art activities and volunteer drives would enhance a candidate’s chance of receiving the coveted Shell scholarship.

Applications need to be submitted online, and the closing date is 30 March 2010.

Shortlisted candidates will be screened and interviewed accordingly, before the final selected students are offered with Shell scholarship opportunity. Screening and interview sessions may last more than one assessment session, where applicable. Candidates will be informed in advanced some of the preparations they need to do prior to coming for the interview or assessment session.

[update, as of writing, the year’s Shell scholarship is now closed]

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