Siti Nurhaliza Most Googled

It came as a no surprise to know that Siti Nurhaliza is the most googled Malaysian on the internet. According to NST,  the Malaysia number one singer is the most popular name keyed in by Malaysians in google search engine. The gossip between Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K before their marriage also plays a part in the popularity of Siti’s name in internet. But few would know here that ‘Datuk K’ itself become popular online because of the same reason. A quick analysis on overture showed that keyword ‘Datuk K’ was keyed in more than 10,000 times. Interestingly enough, a fraction of visitors have also been searching for ‘anak datuk k’..

I think it is fairly accurate to say that Siti Nurhaliza also tops the other search engine e.g. yahoo, msn, hotbots and others in the most popular Malaysia name list. If you check overture keyword list you will see the number of times the keyword ‘siti nurhaliza’ was searched in June 2006 is 42302 times.

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