Slower Salary Growth for Lower Income Group

The salary growth in Malaysia is not in favour of the lower income group, statistics revealed. According to the Human Resource Minister, Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam, the slowest salary growth is faced by 40% of the households who are at the bottom of the wage scale.

The average earning for this group did not reach RM1,500 per month in 2008.

In contrast, those who belong to the higher income group enjoyed a more steady salary increase, in tandem with the elevating standard of life and cost of living (however, you would somehow agree that the increase is not up to the expectation though. Read on.).

A survey carried out by the World Bank indicated that the salary increase in Malaysia recorded a 2.6% growth over a period of 10 years, far cry from the rise of cost of living throughout similar period.

Another study by the HR Ministry in 2009 discovered that more than 30% of the 1.3 million employees surveyed earned less than RM700, putting them below the poverty line, which averages at RM720.

Not very encouraging figures.

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