Stay in a Job For a Long Time

I know some people prefer to hop jobs but it is a bad habit. Other people would want to stay in a job for a long time. However, things can happen unexpectedly. You might get sacked. You might get transferred, or maybe the company will shut down operation without any warning.

Still, you should learn the art to stay in a job for a long time. We want to live long so why not extend the life for our career as well?

First of all, you have to ‘make a plan’. Everything needs a plan. You can’t build a house without a plan. You can achieve your dream without a plan. A plan is to help you stay focus towards your achievement. You should know where you want to be in the next five to ten years. You should also know what you want to achieve within that time frame.

Then, you will need to ‘be flexible’. As mentioned, things don’t always go as planned. You should be flexible enough to make any necessary changes so that you can still achieve your dream within the time frame.

Next would be learning as much as you can. We can never stop learning. Learning is part of our life. Learning is continuous until we die. So, start learning more about your industry, your work and your life.

Networking is part of success in life. You should meet more people, exchange ideas and learn from each other. There is much to learn from someone like a CEO or a manager. If you want to be like them, learn from them. Communicate with them more often and you will be able to find the path of success.

Finally, be helpful in the office. Volunteer to take up tasks that might not be within your range but what’s wrong with doing something new? You are in the process of showing off your hidden talents. Your boss might find out your new talent and of course, you might stand a chance to gain a promotion. That will bring you to the next level.

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