Steve Jobs Received $1 Annual Salary

Steve Jobs is paid $1 annual salary for 2009.

He does not get bonus or reimbursement every year like any other CEOs in the world (personal security and others). Since returning in 1997, Jobs has received $1 annual salary until now. However, in 2009, Jobs received $4,000 as a bonus for company travel (using his $90 million Gulfstream V jet).

In 2008, Jobs received another $871,000 reimbursement. However, in 2009, he took six months off for liver transplant and he worked part time at Cupertino, California (HQ) after that.

While he received $1 annual salary, four other members of the management team have an increase of $100,000 salary (for being underpaid). They also receive bonus equivalent to their salary.

At the moment, Jobs hold 5.5 million shares of Apple’s stock and he is also the largest share holder in The Walt Disney Co. at 7.4 percent, estimated to worth $4.5 billion. It is reported that his shares of Apple’s stock remains the same since he returned in 1997 and has never been awarded new equity since 2003.

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