Students attacked teachers on Teacher’s Day

Some people get stupid and do otherwise things on special occasions. Is this how teachers’re supposed to be rewarded?
Source: The Star.

While teachers elsewhere were showered with gifts and gratitude, those at SMK Belara in Manir, near here, were pelted with stones and sticks.

Two groups of about 50 students launched the attack on the teachers at about 8am, just as they were celebrating Teachers Day with 1,300 students.

They fired stones using catapults and threw sticks and pieces of wood at several classrooms.

Teachers and their students scurried for cover from the bombardment that lasted about half an hour. Several window panels of the classrooms were damaged but no one was injured.

The first attack came from a gang of 20 students outside the main entrance and the second, from 30 students in the school field.

School authorities believed that the culprits were facing disciplinary action and had combined forces to exact revenge against the teachers.

One teacher contacted by The Star described the incident as the “Black 16” incident, stating that it was a war-like attack.

The students fled on motorcycles when patrol cars arrived at the scene.

State Education, Higher Learning, Science and Technology chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Awang ordered a probe into the attack.

“Teachers should not keep silent if they have such wayward students. These boys should be expelled,” he said.

State Public Order and Traffic Chief Supt Farid Mahmud said police would soon be making several arrests.

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