Surviving at Workplace – 3 Open Secrets

Now, it is no secret. Work is hard. Surviving in a workplace is hard. Gone are the days where people stay loyal to one company their entire life. My mother worked 1 job for 30 years before she retired. Growing up, I was amazed with that fact and I told myself when I got my first job, I would stay for 30 years. As of now…my current job is my 4th.

Working in human resources, I have seen people come and go. I have conducted many exit interviews…trying to figure out the how to stop people from leaving their job especially those whom are unhappy with their work. I wish I could find a solution that will help them as well as myself.

After 7 years of observing people and myself, in my personal opinion there are 3 factors that can really help you to stay longer in a company and create job satisfaction for your career longevity.

1. Your Boss

When I am asked, what is the most important thing for me in a workplace, my answer is simple – ‘my relationship with my boss’. This can make or break your career. Your boss determines your career path, your promotion, your increment, your visibility and your development. Always maintain a good relationship with your boss. It is your duty to make your boss look good. Always make your boss your #1 priority at work. Most importantly, always make sure you communicate well and openly with your boss about your work and be willing to take feedback.

2. People at Workplace

Surviving at WorkplaceI used to go to work thinking it would be great if I can make friends. It does not work for me and I think it probably does not work for many people. There are some many personalities at work and workplace politics are so complicated.

If you become emotionally involved with the people around you, it distracts you, it frustrates you when you don’t get what you think you should get from your ‘friend’, you feel obligated, you want obligation etc. See people with a professional eye not with an emotional eye.

Socializing is the last thing you should be worried about instead talk about work. Make sure, you create an impression that your #1 thought is work and nothing else. Now, this might sound anti-social but it is not, the more you are less emotionally involved with people around you, the less chance for you to be frustrated by people. Take note : I said emotionally involved …not totally don’t get involved with people…you can be friendly and nice (you should) in a professional perspective. You’ll be a lot happier.

3. Work

You really need to watch this. It can bring you wonders or it can totally destroy your career. This is what you are paid to do. This is your value to your company, your boss and to your colleagues. ALWAYS, be on top of your work. It is ok, if you have to slug it out for while, but make sure you are always in control of your work. Always plan your work on time and always produce the best quality of work in the shortest time possible. When you take charge of your workload, you will feel less pressured and a lot more excited to take up other challenges. You will send a positive message to your boss and you will earn the respect of the people around.

These 3 factors link up with each other to make your work life more happier, fruitful and longer.

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