Scholarship Cover Letter Sample

Scholarship cover letter sample

A scholarship cover letter sample you can use to accompany your application for scholarship from funding institutions or scholarship providers.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to submit my application for the Toyota Dream Scholarship which was made available through your career website recently. I am currently undertaking University Foundation course in Sunquick College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is due to finish in 3 months.

I have been offered by the National University of Malaysia to pursue a Degree in International Business Relation, which will commence in March 2013. This is a 2+1 academic course, done in collaboration with the renowned University College of London (UCL), where I am scheduled to complete my final year in UCL London campus. Currently, this course offered by UCL is ranked as the third best in the United Kingdom.

Aligned with the globalization trend, international and break in inter-cultural borders, this academic pursuit is an ideal choice. The Toyota Dream Scholarship is a platform that will allow me to explore my full potential, and it is a definite blessing for me to get a financial assistance from Toyota in pursuing my career dream.

Together with the application letter, I enclose herewith the completed application form, as well as my full resume and photocopies of academic transcripts and certificates, as required by your organization. All details about financial requirements are indicated as part of the details accompanied here.

Your kind consideration is highly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gonzalez Zapata

What is a Cover Letter and Why You Should Care About It

What is a cover letter, and why you should care about it

What is a cover letter? Why you should care about it?

Generally speaking, a cover letter is an introductory write-up that accompanies the main material you intend to send to the recipient. In employment, a cover letter refers to the brief letter you write when you submit a resume or job application to a company.

The cover letter is ideally to be written in such a way to get the reader interested in what you are offering (skills, qualifications, background, achievements etc.). It should be short, concise and gets to the point. At the same time, it needs to be engaging.

For some, writing a cover letter sounds and looks like a pretty daunting task. “There’s too much planning to do and too much time to spend,” many would complain. A lot also believe that hiring managers don’t read cover letters.

Well, more than half of the employers and hiring managers do read the cover letter before going through the resume. The other half either read half-heartedly or ignore it altogether. Time constraint has always been the most prevalent excuse for this, without realizing they may probably be spending longer time reading the resume afterwards.

Therefore, to increase your odd of getting a good impression in your job application, pay attention to this cover letter thing.

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Cover Letter For Research Position

A cover letter sample for research position:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to submit herewith my application for the post of Researcher in your company.

I believe that my 3 years of solid working experience in the research, teaching and consultation fields encompassing economy, policy, socioeconomic and international trade will enable me to meet the expectations and demands of the position.

I am presently attached with ACMA Research as Research Analyst where my main responsibility is to conduct research in various projects governing the economy and policy across various industries for our corporate and retail clients. My day to day activities include gathering and analyzing market research data as well as working closely with the project team to identify, analyze and report various issues on the current development projects.

In addition to my current job, I have over 2 years of teaching experience as a lecturer with Winchester University where I taught economic-related subjects including Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Industrial Economics, Ecological Economics, Sustainable Development and International Economics. During this period I also initiated research work in the related areas of my teaching.

I describe myself as a fast learner with high aptitude towards market research and analysis. I am also a people-oriented person, a proven leader and mentor to my colleagues and associates, with high command in English and Spanish conversation.

I would be highly appreciative if my application is given a due consideration and I shall be able to attend interviews and discussion sessions upon your request.

Cover Letter for Internship

A cover letter for internship sample.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my desire to be attached with your company’s International Business division for a 3-month internship beginning this coming September.

I am presently pursuing my Degree in Business and Administration with the University of Socrates II, Swaziland and currently in my penultimate year. As part of the course curriculum, we are required to complete a minimum of 3 month internship program with a corporate entity of our choice.

After studying your company background, including researching your company prospective and talking to a number of your employees, I believe Trinity Venture Limited is a company of choice that will equip me with the right business exposure, locally and internationally.

At the same time, my good academic achievements, plus my active involvement in curriculum activities requiring high leadership credentials, will be an asset that can drive your company’s growth.

I attach herewith my full resume for your consideration complementing my application for the internship opportunity. Once again, I look forward to get acquainted with you, and it is my sincere hope we can be in touch again.

Yours’ faithfully,
Sarah Woo