5 Ways How To Be Headhunted

5 ways to get yourself headhunted by established recruiters and executive search consultants:

1. Be very good at your job

A prerequisite to almost anything related to your career and not only in headhunting business. Your pay and promotion will largely depend on how well you can perform in your job. Continuously deliver best-in-class performance that will build up your reputation.

Build a round which is rounder than a round. Teach a parrot to speak Chinese. Make Jack Sparrow an ally to Davy Jones. Mesmerize your boss, your management and your competitors with your breakthrough achievements.

2. Back your claim with facts and figures

Will you be able to back your reputation with credible facts, figures and evidence? Can you prove that a certain significant result achieved by the company for the past 3 months is spearheaded by you and not by some Tom, Dick and Harry?

Perhaps without realizing it, someone has been stealing the figures and claim them as their own. Maybe, it’s your old good buddy Kumar. It can be even your boss Ming Cheng who wants to take credit for your hard work and effort. Don’t let your hard work be undone.

3. Play only for the champions, and in the champions league

The world’s best soccer players play in the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga rather than the Scottish or Italy’s second division. They also play in the Champions League. Similarly, the industry’s cream of the crop will either play for the market leader. And so must you. Choose a company sitting on top of the industry’s ladder. If you see the company is falling off the rung steeply, you know what to do.

4. People must know you are good and knowledgeable

Accept invitation to be a keynote speaker for events. Speak on behalf of your company. Present your research findings on conferences or speaking circuits. Be in the judging panel for college competitions, or even reality shows. Contribute articles to the local magazines, newspapers or internet publication. Blog. Back your knowledge with facts, figures and evidence. Leave traceable marks that will lead influential people to you.

5. Network, network, network

Make your face familiar with the networking events, especially those related to your industry and specialization. Exchange business cards, trade ideas and share your point of views on the industry’s future direction. Play football friendly matches with your vendors, clients or even competitors. Join their weekly bowling challenge. At the same time, stay as a ‘passive’ job seeker. Let people know what you are doing, without telling directly you’re actively seeking for a job. Headhunters loves this type of people, who are good in their job but do not seem desperate enough to leave.