5 Tips to Improve Your Job Interview Skill

How to improve job interview skills? Here are 5 things you can do.

1. Mingle with people

Start mingling with strangers and strike up conversation with new people everyday. Just like them, interviewers are also strangers in your life and creating the habit of speaking to them will enhance your confidence and increase your self esteem.

Learn how you can improve your interaction and interpersonal skills. You will initially start very slow but as you meet more people; your communication skills improve naturally. And so will your interview skills.

2. Use more English in conversation

If your first language is not English, it’s time to start using more English. Similarly, if your first language is English, use more English now and take it to the next level. Understand and practice new jargons until you’re able to talk for hours and leave the interviewer’s jaw wide open.

3. When completing a team project, volunteer as presenter

Usually, a team completing certain project in school, college or even workplace would be required to present their findings, results and suggestions to the supervisors or managers. When it comes to presenting, many are reluctant to take up the task, mainly due to low self confidence. Volunteer yourself as the presenter, regardless whether you’re good in speaking or not. It’s time to learn. Remember, as the time goes by, there are bigger things in your career life, and presentation is one necessary skill.

4. Attend more interviews

Yes, you read it right. Think of someone wishing to become a skilled football player. To become a better player, he needs to train more, and play more football. Reading books, playing football games online and going to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United playing live football does not make him a better player. But playing does. Similar to job interview. The more interviews you attend, the better you get at them. And when you think you flunk a job interview, treat as one valuable lesson that makes you better prepared the next time, not as failure.

5. Join toastmasters/speaking circuits

Toastmasters are groups that help people to become a better communicator. By joining toastmasters groups or the speaking circuits you will be exposed to the essential skills of good presentation and speaking habits. Not only can you observe, you will also learn to do it yourself, get feedback from others, and consequently improve your speaking skills. Additionally, you will be able to learn how to address a given situation, analyze certain issues and immediately present your ideas and suggestions to the public. It’s definitely a job interview tip worth trying.