45,000 Job Vacancies in the Government

There are 45,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled in the government and civil service. These vacancies do not include those in the enforcement bodies (e.g. police, army etc) as well as in the teaching profession.

The staggering figure was released by the Senator in the Prime Minister’s Department, T Murugiah, who would be discussing with the Public Service Commission (JPA) on the recruitment and hiring plan by the government to fill the positions.

At the very least, the revelation will come as comforting news to tens of thousands of job seekers in the country. With bad economy, many private companies have been forced to cut their operating expenses and layoff their workers. A significant number of others have also closed down.

To many, during these trying times, securing a job with the government is akin to discovering a gold mine. A few weeks ago, the Human Resource Minister Datuk S Subramaniam disclosed the fact that the recruitment of non-Malay civil servants will reach a significant number in the near future.

The various job vacancies available at the moment are mainly due to promotional exercises and retirement factor. Apart from that, there are also government offices and departments which are restructuring their organization, giving rise to the needs of new headcounts. A small number of ministries will see an increase in the manpower demand in the next one or two months.

Government Job Vacancies List

One of the most useful websites to get yourself updated on the government job vacancies (public sector) are through the MyGovernment website, available at www.gov.my.

The website was unveiled in 2003 to become a one-stop center connecting more than 900 government agencies with the users. Users can submit inquiries and complaints, create a personal account, make transaction with government offices and a host of other stuff.

In May 2008, the portal beat more than 70 websites around the world and took award as the top winner among public sector portals in the 2008 Global ICT Awards. It creates history as the first Malaysia website accorded with the international award.

The most recent jobs are available under the Senarai Jawatan Kosong menu, that comes together with the details of the recruiting agencies (Jabatan Kerajaan).

Click here to be directed to the government job vacancies list.

Can I Use My Company Email to Apply Jobs?

The answer: You can, but you MUST NOT.

In fact, you should never use it for any other purposes except for work related matters. Why? Some of you ask. You are curious as you have been using your company’s email address not only to apply jobs, but to disseminate unethical, and perhaps, unlawful information and materials. My answer is: You are not worried because you have not been a subject for disciplinary action, or have not come across a friend who gets a warning letter (or even terminated) due to improper email activities.

Well, yours truly have. An office mate of mine was handed a warning later after persistently forwarding high-graphic contents, which clogged the company’s server. Another 2 rounds of warnings and you are as good as done.

If you must know, the company can direct the IT team to monitor the staff’s email activities, and keep track of whatever information you have received, or sent. In fact, I know a number of companies which do exactly this. Last 2 weeks, a friend who works with an IT department of a well known GLC (Government Linked Company) discovered some unusual pornographic materials dissemination during his usual, email log routine check. The log detailed out who received, who and who sent the emails. And guess who were involved? A big clap to… A bunch of senior managers! Is this embarrassing or what?

The real problem comes when…

Those people who are checking out your email activities would discover what you’ve been up to lately (e.g. if you’re engaged with a headhunter, or sending resume to competitors) but perhaps do not say much or report to the management, unless specifically asked to. At most, they’ll probably send you email to ‘slow down’ your activity a bit, or tell you during the next day’s lunch hour (what are friends for then?). But the real problem comes when, for example, you hurt (either professionally or personally) your boss’ feelings or credibility. What if he or she decides to take a revenge on you and unearth your recent unhealthy email activities? Well, it will take only one phone call and a few clicks before you know your fate.

Look at your employment clause…

On what grounds my email activities can hurt me? Look at your employment contract again, and see if there is any clause that says something that ‘you shall not be involved in any activity, either personal or business-related activities which will present a conflict of interest with your duties’. You will be up for a tougher ground of actions if you’re involved in the sexual related emails and communication.

Think before you act. Use Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and so forth for personal emails. The truth will set you free.