How Much is a MAS Pilot Salary?

MAS pilot salary revealed

You would probably wonder, how much is a MAS pilot salary? What is the kind of pay the airline—Malaysia Airlines—pay their pilots?

Below are some of the salary figures for a pilot working with the MAS, based on numbers revealed on Note that the figures are based on the 2006 MAS pilot salary scheme (hence there might have been changes in the salary figures as of today).

Captain Lim has been a MAS pilot for over 10 years, flying Boeing 777 internationally and Airbus A320 domestically. He has clocked over 23 thousand flying hours, covering various routes including Auckland, New York and Middle East.

Basic salary for Second Officers (SO):

  • Upon endorsement, a Cadet Pilot will be paid a basic monthly salary of RM4,229
  • On posting to the fleet, without supervision of co-pilot – RM5,069
  • Second year on fleet – RM5,360
  • Third year and onwards – RM5,668

Basic salary for First Officers (FO):

  • Narrow body aircraft – RM5,984 – RM9,501
  • Wide body aircraft – RM9,146 – RM17,009

Narrow body and wide body aircrafts are differentiated by a number of factors including the plane size and width, seating and so on. Typically, a narrow body aircraft has less than 200 seating, while a wide body can accommodate between 200 to 600 (Note: This is just a general definition).

Meals and Night Stop Allowances:

Allowances range between RM150 to RM160 per night, depending on city of stop over.

Flying/Pilot Productivity Allowances (PPA):

  • Narrow body aircraft – RM48 for Captain, RM29 for co-pilot
  • Wide body aircraft – RM72 for Captain, RM43 for co-pilot

Average Gross Salary (inclusive of basic salary & allowances):

  • Second Officer, SO – RM6,000 – RM8,000
  • First Officer, FO – RM10,000 – RM16,000 (also depends on craft size)
  • Captain – RM15,000 – RM35,000 (also depends on craft size)

So, after looking at the MAS pilot salary figures, are you thinking of becoming a commercial airline pilot too?