Sample of Minutes of Meeting

Sample of minutes of meeting

As explained before, there is no specific format that you must follow in order for you to write and complete minutes of meeting. However, it is imperative for you to have all the necessary information and details and in order.

Always remember the purpose of the meeting, which is to keep an accurate record of a company or a group’s meeting, as well as the key decisions taken, and people involved.

Believe you me, taking good meeting minutes can be crucial and having the right skill will make the employer loves you more (even though this can mean you will be assigned the record keeper every time meeting is held!).

Below is a sample of minutes of meeting you can follow. At the end of the sample, you can also download a template of the minutes, which is available in MS Word format. With all these being said, you should let the creative juice flowing out of your mind and hence feel free to customize the sample and tailor it according to your organization’s need.

Minutes of Meeting
Company: Forsell Consultant
Date: 23 June 2009
Time: 10am to 12am
Venue: Command Center, Forsell HQ


  1. John McClane, Branch Manager
  2. Jacklynn Victor, Principal Consultant
  3. Long Ah Kau, Senior Consultant
  4. Salamon Selamat, Field Consultant
  5. Mydin, Senior Marketing Executive
  6. Siti Nurhaliza, Operations Executive


  1. Proposal to organize Career Talk
  2. New recruitment drive and strategy
  3. General (other) discussion

1. Proposal to organize career talk

This is an initial discussion to follow up on Politeknik Johor’s invitation for Forsell Consultant to hold a Career Talk in their college for graduating students in Diploma and Certificate. On Monday, the Dean of Politeknik Johor contacted Forsell’s office and has asked Forsell for event proposal (RFP).

No Item Details
1 Event structure 2-day event to be held on weekend. Actual dates TBA and to be decided by event committee.
Possibility to extend other students and graduates from other schools and tertiary institutions.
2 Formation of Secretariat McClane elected as Event Director, and to be assisted by Ah Kau as assistant.
McClane and Ah Kau to appoint committee members and announce in 2 days. Committee to have first meeting in 3 days.
Other meeting attendees to leverage assistance and brainwash ideas.
3 Sub-events 8 events have been suggested, 4 have been agreed – Resume Workshop, Presentation from a MNC’s representative, Motivation Talk and Exhibition.
McClane and committee to present to the management details of event proposal. Upon all agreement, committee is to hold progress meeting once a week until the event takes place.

2. New recruitment drive

Company’s expansion has resulted the need for additional staff and consultants. Discussion was aimed to draw strategy for attracting new personnel and talents

No Item Details
1 Issue and scenario Mydin suggested Forsell to implement new strategy and plan to capture new talents in the company.
According to Mydin, existing strategy is not bearing fruit and not meeting expectation.
Salamon and Siti endorsed Mydin’s suggestion.
2 Brainstorming new strategy 10 new strategies are brain stormed, 3 were agreed upon. The 3 are:
a. Going TV. Ah Kau to check the pricing and process with a number of TV stations.
b. Radio advert. Siti to check pricing and process with a number of radio.
c. Internet banner advertising. Mydin to discuss with a few internet ads companies and shortlist a minimum of 3 advertisers.
3 New hires training All agreed current training program for new hires is not effective due to short duration (2 days).
Unanimous decisions agreed on 2 principles:
a. Training period to be extended to 1 week.
b. Last 2 days of training is to be conducted by external consultant. A mini meeting to be scheduled in discussing the consultant’s appointment.

3. General discussion – for any other issues raised

No Item Details
1 Flexible working hours Salamon raised suggestion for company to allow flexible working hours by employees.
Reason: different staff perform their best at different time.
McClane & Ah Kau disapproved but the rest said the idea should be accepted as a possible implementation.
McClane to raise the issue to the country management and discuss.
2 Hospital visit As one of the staff, Rihanna, Staff Manager is hospitalized, a visit has been agreed which is 27 June 2009.

Meeting was adjourned at 12am. Next meeting is scheduled a week from now, i.e. 30 June 2009, same venue and time. All owners of designated actions are to present their feedback.

Minutes prepared by: Long Ah Kau

To download the sample template, click here.

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  1. Gosh! Zul please tell me this is not from you, or else I’ll definitely send my project admin to learn from you about preparing meeting minutes.

    Well, have to say this is the best format for everyone in a team to understand what is going on in something. But probably look into another area which is to simplify again by making those brainstorm results into point form.

    I believe this will help the managers absorb better and act upon it. And maybe datelines for everyone of the breakdowns. People just need to work with that you see. 🙂

  2. The minutes of meeting sample was alright but I think you made a mistake (pardon me if I’m wrong) about the duration of the meeting. I think what you mean was the meeting was adjourned at 12PM not 12am (which is midnight) otherwise the meeting lasted for 14 HOURS.

  3. I am very greatful for this. Am a secretary who has not undergone proffesional training but am a fast learner and have good communication and interpersonal skills, reason for my being employed by many companies. I have been having difficulty in the way of writing minutes but i believe from today on i have a very simple method that is easily understood by whoever will read the minutes.
    Thanks alot, this has been a step ahead for me.

  4. Two mistakes;
    1. there is no such thing as 12am or 12pm. It is 12 noon or 12 midnight. Check the dictionary if you don’t believe me.

    2. If you finish discussing all the business in the agenda, the meeting will END or CLOSE. You ‘adjourn’ the meeting if you cannot finish discussing what has been laid out in the agenda either because of lack of time or failure the maintain a quorum.

  5. thaank you!u save me from thinking writing minutes is the hardest job.

    thank you for saying ‘there is not fixed format in writing minute’

  6. It took you effort for this education to reach many. I can’t take it for granted. I appreciate, and I pray to God to expand you and enable you do more… thanks.

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