Sample Questions for PTD Exam

PTD exam sample questions revealed

Following are some PTD exam sample questions asked during an exam interview for the Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD) post. The exam will be the first round of assessment for the candidates, where short listed candidates are asked to come to a designated location to sit down for the test and assessment. Successful candidates in the exam will be called up again for another round of face to face interview.

Question 1

According to law, theft or burglary is an offense. One day Abu went to a shop, slipped a bar of chocolate into his pocket, went home and ate the chocolate. The next day, feeling guilty, Abu went to see the shop’s owner, Ah Kau to confess his wrong doing. He apologized and offered to pay the money for the chocolate. Ah Kau decided not to accept his apology and made a police report instead. According to the stipulated law, Abu was:

a. Not guilty because he was willing to pay for the chocolate
b. Guilty because Ah Kau did not accept his apology
c. Guilty for taking the chocolate without paying, i.e. stealing
d. Not guilty because he has made confession of stealing
e. Not guilty because he has asked for apology

Question 2

Look at the following table of income bracket and the prevailing tax rate:

Income (in RM) Income tax rate
0-4999 6% for the first RM2500
9% for the next remaining
5000-7499 RM375 for the first RM5000
12% for the next remaining
7500-9,999 RM675 for the first RM7500
15% for the next remaining
10,000-14,999 RM1050 for the first RM10,000
20% for the next remaining
15,000-19,999 RM2050 for the first RM15,000
25% for the next remaining
20,000-24,999 RM3350 for the first RM20,000
30% for the next remaining
25,000-34,999 RM4,800 for the first RM25,000
35% for the next remaining
35,000-49,999 RM8300 for the first RM35,000
40% for the next remaining
50,000-74,999 RM14,300 for the first RM50,000
45% for the next remaining
75,000-99,999 RM22,500 for the first RM75,000
50% for the next remaining

Now, based on the tax rate, calculate:

2.1. Total tax for income of RM8500

a. RM815
b. RM825
c. RM820
d. RM1050

2.2. Your taxable income for this year is RM20,000 and next year you’ll be getting an income of RM23,000. How much more you will need to be paying your tax next year?

a. RM200
b. RM300
c. RM900
d. RM1500
e. RM2400

2.3. If your tax is RM240, what is your taxable income?

a. RM3000
b. RM5000
c. RM3500
d. RM4500
e. RRM4750

Question 3

3.1. What is the Kuala Lumpur Declaration (Deklarasi Kuala Lumpur) 1971 is about?

a. The formation of ASEAN
b. Formation of a zone of peace, freedom and neutrality in South East Asian
c. Formation of a common ASEAN market
d. Philippines decision to back their claiming of Sabah and Sarawak
e. Formation of a military alliance between countries in the ASEAN

3.2. When the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is to appoint a Prime Minister (Perdana Menteri), he needs to choose an Ahli Dewan Rakyat which gets the majority of support, as well as

a. a Muslim
b. a former member of Cabinet
c. a Malay
d. a lawful Malaysia citizen

Question 4

Whose statement(s), from the following, is (are) the most accurate and can be considered a fact?

Lawyer: “The defendant is not guilty because he was not at the scene when the crime happened.”
Nurse: “You eat these pills 3 times per day, and you will recover very, very soon.”
Professor: “Looking at the present economy climate, the country’s rate of the inflation will go down in a few years time.”
Job seeker: “I have applied to 5 companies, but all informed me that they have no job vacancies.”

a. Lawyer
b. Nurse
c. Professor of economic
d. Job seeker
e. Lawyer and nurse

Source: SPA website. Note: Answers to the sample questions (together with explanation) are to be provided soon (Update: Answers for the questions samples are available here).

16 Replies to “Sample Questions for PTD Exam”

      1. hi… i’ve attended this ptd exam last 2 years. here are some tips:-
        1. try to find some basic info bout law , recent sport news, AND know the differentiation between kerajaan pusat, negeri and tempatan.
        2. maths ques are quite tricky. very long questions, so u’ll waste time reading the Qs, no need to double check, not much time to do that.
        3. try to score and do well in the english essay, as during the assessment stage, i’ve heard that those who are good in english score extra point.

  1. me goin for feb21st test too..i’ve passed my 1st test and called for PAC but no time to attend.
    here some tips :
    i didnt’ answer 10 maths Q out of 40 but still pass, don’t worry to skip Q
    i didn’t read text..straight go to Q and try to find answer in paragraph – save time a lot
    essay – do mind maping (point, elaborate & example), organization is important
    general knowledge – read, no choice
    good luck =)

  2. hi.. i had taken the exam on march 2009, and today i received letter for assessment (pac). i thought i was failed. so challenging reading others experience for pac. so many activities and every words, every ideas, every actions we taken were counted! i hope i can perform good on this 4th july 2009 and pass!!

  3. Hello. I’ve read so much about people commented on this issue. PTD. Very tough, confusing and all that. Any brilliant & useful tips.? I took law & now i pursue my studies in other course which is my aim is to be a PTD. Need advices or tips!! More tips is better! 🙂

  4. exam is on this saturday 8/8/09..anyone with experience attending ptd xm before? can u guys share some tips on what to prepare for the test?? thanxx

  5. Exam – read news paper alot…. ++ know the govment law… ++ know the cabinet process… ++for written test know the date situation happend got extra mark on tat..
    PAC – be yourself… respect others… not over confident….
    Interview – know current issue… clear up the your point make sure the point valid not just being made on the time…

    Extra tips to help others …. tq

  6. Dear All,
    I am having my exam this Saturday 3/10/09. I am obviously nervous but I trying my best to calm down n build some confident in me.

    I am worried about the current issues and the topic given for the English essay question. I guess i won’t have problem writing the essay in English or BM but maybe the topics.

    I wish there is any forecast on the questions coz the scope is too wide.

    Praying to God and trying my best, if anyone got tips pls let me know.

    Best regards

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