Boost for Boer Goat Farming

Good news for Boer goat farming entrepreneurs.

Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, MARDI, has recently been successful in embarking a high-technology Boer goat breeding project, which will produce high quality breeds of Boer goats.

This will in turn enhance the marketability of Boer goat products, as well as increasing the local demand.

MARDI is a body that offers consultancy and advisory services to entrepreneurs and investors in the area of agriculture technology, techniques and management. Currently there are about 600 researchers engaged with MARDI in more than 30 offices nationwide. Since its inception 40 years ago, the institution has produced a few hundreds of new techniques and breakthrough applications but unfortunately so far only less than 10% of the new technology is being commercialized.

The new embryo technology for the Boer goats was made possible with the assistance of experts from South Africa, which has the most advanced and state-of-the-art goat breeding techniques in the world at the moment.

Ternakan Kambing Boer. Boer goat farming in MalaysiaCoined as the Advanced Reproductive Biotechnology (ARB), the technology application involves the technical production of embryos from quality cows and goats especially from mutton-producing continents such as South Africa and Australia (If you took Biology for SPM, look back the topic permanian beradas and pemindahan embrio). Under the project, 2 rearing centers had been set up; one in Pondok Tanjung, Perak which is the National Boer Goat Farm, and another in Negeri Sembilan, which is the National Feedlot Center.

Farmers also can hook themselves with the Agrobank (formerly Bank Pertanian Malaysia) and SME Bank for advice, consultation and financial help.

Boer goat is currently in high demand due to its high quality of mutton production and low fat content. They have been many stories of graduates and full time employees who quit their full time job in the corporate world and started highly successful Boer goat farming business in Malaysia.

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19 Replies to “Boost for Boer Goat Farming”

    1. Saya ada menternak kambing kacukan boer, jamnapari dan angelonubeian sejak 2008. Saya ada melawat dipusat ternakan kambing boer Mardi di Kluang dan saya dapati teknologi yang dibuat oleh pihak Mardi adalah yang terbaik bagi penternak yang mempunyai modal yang banyak. Usaha-usaha ini boleh diteruskan demi kepentingan negara dalam bidang penternakan. Soalan saya, saya tidak mempunyai modal yang banyak bolehkah saya dapat secara separuh harga kambing boer betina yang pihak Mardi Kluang ” reject’ kerana saya akan khawinkan dengan kambing jantan ( Angelo) saya secara semulajadi dan berapa harganya? Kalau mampu saya beli segala pengangkutan saya urusakan sendiri.

    1. Be careful with goat farming most people dont know what they are talking about.All their projection are fictatious.

  1. saya berminat hendak ternak kambing (kambing kampong,boer dll)
    yang saya hendak ialah pattern reban/kandang yang standard
    boleh tak saya dapat pelan lakar reban kambing tersebut katalah untuk 50 ekor kambing
    terima kasih.

  2. Nak tanya harga seekor kambing jantan boer sedia mengawan.. Kalau sewa, berapa pula harganya? saya ada 30 ekor kambing betina yang telah matang (berumur satu tahun setengah).

  3. My name is Stephen;staying in K.L right now. My dad has a piece of land in Melaka whereby I am very interested to do something to it. The piece of land is approximately 4 acres. Fenced up. I am planning to do some goat farming there. Please provide as much information and support that I can possibly obtain regarding this. Please get back to me at my e-mail and hope to be guided into the correct path to be a successful one in this field. Thank you in advance.


    1. Becareful with goat consultants.Read carefully the business plan.Too high starting cost and low/late returns.

  4. Hi Mr Mardi !
    i bercadang nak mulakan perternakan kambing boer & saneen di negeri selangor . Adakah apa – apa bantuan nasihat diberikan ?


  5. saya berminat hendak ternak kambing (kambing kampong,boer dll)
    yang saya hendak ialah pattern reban/kandang yang standard
    boleh tak saya dapat pelan lakar reban kambing tersebut katalah untuk 50 ekor kambing
    terima kasih.

  6. I would like to start a boer goat farm and so i would request you to provide me information regarding the availability of boer goats in malaysia to buy. please furnish me the details. Contact me

  7. Dear Mardi,
    My name is Vasanta,iam staying in Seremban. I’am approaching perkhidmatan Haiwan for tanah ragut for rearing goat.They want me to submit my paper work, which i have done. what i want to know is more information abt latest technology techniques & management information and your consultancy & advisory services for entreprenuers and investors.

    please furnish me the details where i can purchase the equipments like grass sherder and etc. secondhand.

    Thank you in advance

  8. Becareful about advices from book consultants look for real successful goat farmers(if any) for advice

  9. saya berminat untuk menternak kambing boer dan biri2.dimanakah saya boleh dapat baka terbaik dan khidmat nasihat mengenai penternakan kambing ini.response.

  10. hi,

    Good day,how much price of each male goat only??or 1KG??if more than 50 goats? not only one time business.if best price give to me my business life long. any male goat for example jamunapari, boer,kampung, others.





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