Test: Do You Have Entrepreneur Mindset?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Can you be the next towering Malaysian and rank yourself alongside the likes of Syed Mokhtar, Robert Kuok or Lim Goh Tong? Test yourself with this short test, called the Guessing Test, which assesses your reaction towards particular circumstances.

You will be given a series of situations (15 questions in total) involving a businessperson and his associate(s), and all you have to do is guess which one, out of the 2 possible conversations, takes place.

The test takes less than 3 minutes, and answers and evaluation are at the bottom. Each ‘correct’ answer is awarded 1 mark. You will need a pen/pencil and a paper to record your answer. No cheating, i.e. you must answer honestly, according to your most convenient judgment.

1. A businessman is showing a machine to his friend. What would have been said by the businessman to his friend?

  • a. “I am going to fine tune this machine.”
  • b. “I hope this machine works, otherwise it will affect my profit.”

2. Few businessmen are having a discussion shortly after meeting a couple of government officers. What are they discussing about?

  • a. They’re discussing on how to prove themselves right, though the
    government officers has given a solid proof that they’ve disobeyed some
  • b. They are discussing the strategies on how to finish up the works given
    for them

3. An entrepreneur is saying something to his close associate. What is the thing he said?

  • a. “I am sure that my company will be making profit soon.”
  • b. “If my company is not making profit, then I’ll be put in a difficult

4. A businessman has just had a meeting with his company’s manager. What is he thinking about the manager?

  • a. The manager is less than motivated and has not been selling as per target
  • b. The manager is diligent and hardworking

5. An entrepreneur is talking to his wife. What is being said?

  • a. “I feel that I am doing a good job and I am happy for that.”
  • b. “I am disappointed for not having been appointed the contract.”

6. A businessman is discussing his plans with his associate. What is he saying to him?

  • a. “I do not want to be trailing other contractors in finishing this
  • b. “I am pretty sure I will be able to finish the contract within the given
    period of time”.

7. A businessman is discussing with an external consultant. What is happening?

  • a. He’s asking the consultant to devise a new management system for his
  • b. He’s showing his own plans to the consultant to double check.

8. It’s in the middle of a networking function, where two businesspersons are talking to each other. What are they saying to each other?

  • a. “We will not be successful if we don’t work together.”
  • b. “We both have our chances to be successful.”

9. A businessman is discussing something with his supervisor. What is the discussion about?

  • a. If the supervisor achieves his objective, then he’ll get a pay rise.
  • b. The supervisor needs to work a bit harder if he wants to expect a pay

10. A businessman is leaving his office late at night. What is happening?

  • a. He’s saying to himself,”Oh God I’m yet to solve the problem. I’ll work
    again to solve the problem tomorrow.”
  • b. He finally solved the problem, and feels good about himself

11. An entrepreneur is planning his strategy. What is he planning?

  • a. He’s trying not to put too high on the price so that he’ll get the
  • b. He doesn’t want to fail in the bidding, so he’s thinking of what he
    should do.

12. A factory owner is sitting on a chair. What is he thinking?

  • a. He’s thinking on how he can increase his factory production
  • b. He’s thinking on any mistakes that he has done in his factory operation

13. A business owner asked his sales manager to see him regarding his work plans. What is in the sales manager’s head?

  • a. He believes the work can be finished
  • b. He should be given the work because he does his job perfectly

14. 2 government officials are discussing about a businessman. What are they saying about him?

  • a. The businessman should be given the next contract if he can finish the
    current job well
  • b. The businessman should be given the next contract as he’s doing his
    current job well

15. A businessman is standing in front of his newly-invented machine. What is he thinking?

  • a. “This is an outstanding machine I created.”
  • b. “I wonder what mistakes I have done, I really could not figure out.”


  1. b
  2. a
  3. b
  4. a
  5. b
  6. b
  7. b
  8. a
  9. b
  10. a
  11. b
  12. b
  13. b
  14. a
  15. b

Your score: [ /15]

Evaluation: The higher the score (8 or above), you have more tendency of feeling insecure, and you tend to approach things on negative aspects. You are somehow afraid of failure. You need to change your approach, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

The lower the score (7 or below), you approach things positively, even though sometimes you never know the outcome. You’re competitive and know how to delegate works. Your are not afraid of failure, you have tendency to make it big in the world of entrepreneurship.

How do you fare? If you feel the marks do not reflect your true quality, then there is one thing for you to do – prove yourself you have what it takes and rock the entrepreneur world.

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