The Firm Season Two Kicks Off

The Firm Season 2 kicks off its first episode today with 14 contestants vying for RM100,00 worth of grand winning prize, together with a top corporate job.

Shown on NTV7, The Firm is a reality show that showcases the local talents performing a series of corporate tasks, and is considered Malaysia’s answer to the popular Donald Trump’s Apprentice show.

It will be aired weekly on every Saturday, 8.30pm with one team member from the losing group eliminated in each episode.

In what was seen as a much better start than the previous first season, all the contestants came on strongly in this first episode in an effort to stamp their presence and winning respect from others. The 14 contestants – Anoop, Boon Yew, Jennifer, Masami, Choo Ann, Dian, Ridzuan, Terence, Ain, Christopher, Joo Lee, Kian You, Salasiah and Yuen Wai, were divided into 2 teams; team Equity and team Asset.

Peter Pek and Chan Boon Yong, who were familiar figures in the last season, were again at the helm as the mentors for the teams.

Anoop and Terence, two contrasting characters and personalities, were appointed the team leaders for the first week’s task, which is providing the best dining experience to the Carat Club, founded by one of the mentors, Boon Yong. While Anoop, in an obvious attempt was seen trying to make himself look good throughout the task, Terence, on the other hand showed cracks and was losing his influence to drive his team forward.

It was Asset that emerged the winning team, but in the end, no one was eliminated this time round. However, cracks in relationship are beginning to appear, and only time will tell if things will get personal in the upcoming episodes.

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