The Job Hunting Tip for 2011

Some job hunting tips never grew out-of-date. You probably knew some of them by heart. For example, doing research about the company before an interview, donning the right attire and having a firm hand shake are just a few of the common and well-known tips.

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But as technology advances with most people having an online profile nowadays (which was unheard off not many years ago), the landscape of job search had taken a new twist.

Are you leveraging on social networks?

Most working professionals would either have a Facebook or LinkedIn or both of the account by now. Recent survey had also ranked Malaysians as one of the friendliest people on earth, with an average of 233 per social media user (statistics taken via Facebook). In other words, Malaysians are more likely to accept a stranger as “friends”. With a bigger network, you get greater exposure. It means greater opportunities to be head-hunted or recommended for a job. Guess what, your connections might end up as your future employer. Think about that.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it make sense if you start building an attractive profile? This is one job hunting tip you would never heard of in the past but for 2011 and forward, it’s a tip you can’t do without. With people becoming more social-networking savvy and the connections we allow ourselves to have via such platforms, we have just opened up ourselves an ocean of opportunities.

But as much as it can enhance our image, it might also hurt us if we mismanaged it.

So, a good tip is to keep your online image clean. In other words, try to avoid posting controversial or inflammatory statements or inappropriate pictures. Whether you like it or not, your online profile will be perceived as a true representation of who you are as a person. And bear in mind Recruiters and Human Resource Practitioners can easily perform a search online and everything will surface by a mere click.

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