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As I was flipping The Star newspaper’s Job Section, I saw this advert from Pos Ekspres Malaysia with the slogan, “The Next Day Resume Delivery” at the bottom of the job advertisements. I’ve been reading the same section over and over since buying the paper last Saturday but it was only today that I realize the Pos Malaysia advert.

Resume Submission - Pos Malaysia

A cleverly written message indeed but I am not sure whether it catches the readers instantly or not. I know it was meant to capture the readers, especially the job seekers with the prominent ‘Resume Delivery’ phrase but since it stopped short of telling things like ‘get your resume reviewed by the hiring manager the next day’, it is quite difficult to say it will bring the desired result.

Is it worth it spending RM5 to have your resume delivered via Pos Ekspres? In my own opinion, it will be worthwhile if the company we’re applying is where we really want to spend your time learning and working at for the next 5 years. After all, what is RM5 compared to working in [fill in the blank]? By the way as I am yet to be a regular user of the Pos Ekspres service, I do not know how reliable ‘the next day delivery thing’ is. I’ve been using Pos Laju to send packages for the past 7 months and 90% of the shipment arrive within 24 hours. Pretty fast and efficient. I even sent them email complimenting their efficiency.

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  1. Pos Laju is cheap and provide good service in Malaysia ONLY. Their service has improved dramatically compare to last time when under Government.

    As for resume delivery, the best is going through email ­čśŤ . Cheapest and fastest way.

  2. I forgot that the Pos Ekspres delivery should act as complimentary/back-up. You must send your application online (e.g. email) too.

    Sending two applications via different methods is fine, in fact it reduces possibility your application being overlooked by the employer, especially when human error is involved.

  3. wow,

    i remember when i was applying for a job in kk, i’ve used the same technique, email and mail delivery, using Pos Laju, Pos ekpress still not available.

    At that moment, i was a fresh graduate, April 2002.

    – shueqry –

  4. I used the same method. Back then in the early 2000, post mail was my main strategy applying for jobs. I remember sending mails to most of the factories in Penang Industrial Zone without getting any response.

    It was so frustrating.

    Today, all we need to do is clicking the send button on our email account.

  5. I don’t believe the next day delivery as promised, but if Sammy Vellu say “Hantar ini hari, Semalam sudah sampai!” i will believe! hehe just joking..

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