The Simpson Scholarship for ACCA Students

The Simpson ACCA Scholarship was initiated by Muriel Simpson, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Upon her death in 1977, Ms Simpson, through a will left her estate to ACCA to fund a scholarship program that allows aspiring accounting professionals who wish to get the certification benefit from the financial help it offers.

The scholarship is awarded to 5 ACCA Qualification students every year, which covers the examination and subscription fees for up to 5-year period. The recipients also get a complete set of ACCA academic materials from two official publishers, Kaplan Publishing and BPP Learning Media for each paper they are studying.

Strict qualification criteria awaits the applicant, in which students must achieve a minimum average mark of 66% in the Knowledge module for the ACCA examination to be eligible for selection. On top of that, each applicant also needs to submit a 1000-word long essay entitled, “How the Award of the Scholarship Will Help Me Realize My Full Potential”.

Note: The 2008 scholarship application is already closed and it will be open again next year.

Click here to visit the Simpson ACCA Scholarship.

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  1. I have no idia about applaying shcolar ship. would you help me how to applay it.I have a strong wish to study ACCA. Thank you in advace.

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