Top 10 Malaysia’s Richest People 2009

Perhaps we could learn something from these 10 richest men in Malaysia and start to build our own wealth as well. Following are the list of Malaysian’s richest people:

1. Robert Kuok

The founder of Kuok Group. At the age of 85, he is the richest Malaysian with an estimation of $9 billion.

2. Ananda Krishnan

He runs Maxis Communications (Maxis 012 / 017). At the age of 71, he is worth $7 billion.

Trivia: He has a son who is a monk living in a forest.

3. Lee Sin Cheng

He owns IOI Group. He is 70 years old and he is worth $3.2 billion.

4. Lee Kim Hua

FYI, the richest woman in Malaysia and also the wife of Lim Goh Tong (Genting). She might be 80 years old but her husband’s wealth is worth $2.5 billion.

5. Teh Hong Piow

I am sure everyone knows Public Bank. He owns the bank. Now he owns $2.4 billion of assets at the age of 79.

6. Quek Leng Chan

68 years old and has $2.3 billion. A nice way for retirement. Quek is associated with Hong Leong Group.

7. Yeoh Tiong Lay

This is the man behind YTL Group and he has $1.8 billion.

8. Syed Mokhtar Albukhary

He controls MMC (Malaysia Mining Corp.) and he has $1.1 billion.

9. Tiong Hiew King

He is the man of news and publishing (Chinese Media International) and he has about $1 billion of wealth.

10. Vincent Tan

He runs Berjaya. Therefore he is worth $750 million.

Are you going to be making your way up the ladder as well?

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