Top Graduate Did Not Look for Job

While most graduates prefer to find a job in comfortable office environment and enjoy the monthly salary, a local graduate by the name of Syed Mohamad Hamzah decided not to follow the crowd. Instead of applying for jobs, he chose to set up and run his own firm supplying engineering tools and equipment to local universities after his studies. His firm is to be based in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

One compelling fact about Syed Mohamad Hamzah is that he was an excellent award recipient at his university, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) during the convocation recently. Now every time when we talk about top graduates and excellent award recipient, often we associate them with high paid entry job and executive life style. Some say,

“You will have it easy to land a job.”

Syed Hamzah exhibits a quality many graduates do not have – which is entrepreneurship. He is willing to take the risk. He does not wait for opportunity to come. He instead chose to create one. Perhaps, one of us will work for him in the future.

He was an active student in sport, and represented UMP in hockey and handball.

Also, at such a young age, Syed shows a lot of maturity when deciding what he wants to do with his life. That is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes I did when I was a college student. Being young and inexperienced, I went with the flow, followed the crowd and drown with the advice ‘go to school, get good grades, and get a job with a good company’. I allowed other people dictated what I should do in my life. It was a harsh reality check when you eventually realized that the things people have been asking you to do is not exactly what you want. I realized this late, but it is always better late than never.

Top Graduate Did Not Look For Job - Syed Mohamad HamzahSyed will join the likes of John Lee, who started his part time translation business while studying in UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Skudai. The difference was, as John’s business was growing by leaps and bounds, he decided to quit his studies, even though he was one of the high academic achievers there.

Today, at the age of 25 years old, John is traveling around the world meeting clients and getting his next million dollar projects.

The moral of the story is, you should decide what you really want to do rather than having somebody else to tell you what to be. Remember, life is about choices. Being employed is good as your contribution will be much appreciated and allows you to gain valuable experience, but if you aspire to join the entrepreneurship bandwagon and make a change in your life, who’s there stopping you?

Picture and story courtesy of The Star Online.

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