Top Medical Schools in the US

Top medical schools in US revealed

The US News, the American based news and education publisher, publishes their list of best schools on yearly basis according to a number of subject categories such as engineering, education, business, law and medicine. Each ranking gets considerable attention from people all over the world to see which schools are best in what.

To find the best medical schools around, 126 medical schools, alongside 20 schools of osteopathic (a type of healthcare approach that deals with the role of musculoskeletal system in health and diseases) medicine in the US with full accreditation by the relevant authorities, were surveyed. Deans, program directors, senior faculty members and hiring professionals were among those participated in responding to the survey.

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The ranking was divided into 2 main categories – research ranking and primary care ranking, both based on a weighted average indicator (research is based on 8 indicators and primary care used 7). 4 of the data indicators were used in both ranking categories, namely, the student selectivity statistics for admission (GPA, MCAT and acceptance rate), and the faculty-student ratio.

20 best medical schools in primary care:

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20 US best medical schools in research:

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How to use the ranking wisely?

There have been questions on the accuracy and correctness of the university rankings, and if the university rankings are the reflection of the real scenario. Still, they get a large number of followers. It is important to know that for the rankings to work best for you, wise approach is advised.

While university rankings such as the ones produced by the US News shed some light into knowing some of the country’s best schools academically, there are many other factors which can’t be tangibly measured and these include the academic culture, social circles, how conducive the environment would be (since every human being reacts differently to different environment), location, traveling convenience, work opportunities etc.

All data should be studied carefully enough to ensure that every one of them is not only relevant to the ranking but also to your specific, meaningful needs. It is also useful to note that as the years go by, the ranking methodology would be changing and evolving, as each of the university ranking publishers are yet to be certain which methodology offers the best and most accurate listing. As of today, no university ranking claim itself the best.


[table id=7 /]

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