Turn Your Internship Into Permanent Job

Being an intern is exciting. You get to experience the real world while completing your degree. However, do you realise that the most important thing about internship is how to make your internship turn into a permanent job.

Surely you want to switch from being a new grad to a new hire as soon as possible, especially right after your graduation.

So here we have a few tips to help you get started.

1. Internship is an extended job interview

Yes, it is. Therefore, it is important to get to work on time, get your work done on time, dress well and deliver excellent work to impress your future ‘permanent’ boss.

2. Don’t be afraid of challenges

This is the time you should not be afraid of challenges. Sure, you would feel the sweat in your palms thinking that you won’t have the strength or knowledge to work on a project but the most important is your determination to participate in a project even if it is way out of your league (at least for now).

3. Be careful with questions. Ask only good & important questions.

You have to remember that your boss won’t have all the time to answer your questions and when you do have a question, be sure to think through about what you want to ask and construct as question that would cover most of your queries.

4. Watch out for office gossip

Never get caught with office gossip. That is bad for your reputation and you risk losing your internship (let alone to get a permanent job in the company).

5. Impression is very important

Be friendly to your colleagues, show positive attitude when you are working on a project as a team, be proactive and don’t complain. However, you should also beware of sending emails to your personal friends or chatting with them using instant messaging.

So, if you think you are up for a permanent job right after your graduation, be sure to follow these tips.

Enjoy your internship!

2 Replies to “Turn Your Internship Into Permanent Job”

  1. hi there,

    i agreed with you. i just finished my study last march (2010) and will be started working this 3rd may at the same company i’d completed my vacation training. at first, i thought that they just simply accepted me because i’d undergone my internship with them that they can save their resources to train me because im exactly knows how to perform well on the job.

    but then i realised that it is my luck and some ‘value-added’ that i’d created there that makes me being able to grab the job away from my other friends. out of 12 candidates (whose previously as well done their interns there with me), only 2 of us being accepted as permanent employee whereas the rest are still in KIV status.

    being a fresh grad for just about a month, i’d impressed my parents by getting this job, as permanent staff with starting salary of rm2500++ per month.

    my other friends need to find another job and getting started with a contract engagement of 1 year and earns rm1800 per month. i’d gained a competitive advantage over them since i already have a secured job (with the fact that im being unemployed just for a month) and the salary is quite tempting.

    for those who are about to undergo their internship, my advise to you: try to be the best as you can because we never know what will awaits us in future. if we are too choosy, then the job also will be choosy on us,too. ;P

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