JPJ Written Driving Test (Sample Questions)

If you have obtained your driving license many years ago, most likely you do not realize that there have been some changes on the JPJ Written Driving Test (Ujian Bertulis) today. The JPJ written test is a pre-requisite that will allow you to carry an L license and commence your driving license. Without the license, you will also not be able to sit for the practical test (amali).

While the number of questions remain as it is (50 questions in total), the structure of the test has undergone some changes. While it was easy to pass your written test, and perhaps score full marks 5 years ago, the case is not entirely the same today. Don’t be surprise to bump into someone who had to repeat the test 3 times before obtaining the ‘L’ license.

The current JPJ written test now is mainly conducted through the computerized system, where you will go through the questions and select your answers on a PC station. Upon completion, the system will automatically calculate the mark for you, and determine if you pass the test or not. The passing mark is 42, i.e. you can only have 8 questions wrong.

The written test is divided into 3 main sections. The first section, which is usual, is the sign boards identification. The second section evaluates how you would act in a certain, given situation. The last section assesses your technical knowledge and memory.

Click here to download Sample Questions for JPJ Written Test (in Power Point format). Answers for the sample questions are given at the end of the file, but you should make attempt to answer all of the questions first before looking at the answers.

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  1. Hey! i was wondering if you had sample questions in english? cuz i dont noe malay and i have to take the test!!!

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