PTD Exam: Answers to Sample Questions

Answers for the PTD sample questions (Click here for questions). You should at least try to answer all of the questions first, before looking at the given answers below.

Question 1.

Answer is c, i.e. Abu is guilty for taking the chocolate without paying, i.e. stealing. Regardless of whether he apologized and tried to make amend by paying back the money for the chocolate, according to the law, he is still considered guilty.

Question 2.

2.1. Answer is b – RM825.

RM8500 income falls within the tax bracket of between RM7,500-RM9,999. The first RM7,500 is taxed at RM675. The remaining RM1000 is taxed at 15% i.e. 15% x 1000 = RM150. Hence total tax = RM675 + RM15- =RM825.

Example of Questions and Answers for PTD Examination2.1 Answer is c – RM900

For income of RM20,000, tax payable is RM3350. For income of RM23,000, tax payable will be RM3350 + 30% x RM3000 = RM4250. So you will need another RM900 for the new tax (i.e. RM4250 -RM3350) = RM900.

2.3. Answer is c – RM3500

There are 2 ways to answer this question. First, is to look at all the 5 answers and calculate the respective taxes for the amount. i.e.

RM3000 -> (RM2500 x 6%) + (RM500 x 9%) = RM195
RM5000 -> RM375
RM3500 -> (RM2500 x 6%) + (RM1000 x 9%) = RM240
RM4500 – > (RM2500 x 6%) + (RM2000 x 9%) = RM330
RM4750 -> (RM2500 x 6%) + (RM2250 x 9%) = RM352.50

Secondly, solution can be made using a combination of mathematics and analysis (slightly more complicated). By looking at the figure RM240, we know that the salary will be less than RM5000 (since the tax for RM5000 income is already RM375. Therefore we can conclude that the salary lies somewhere in the 0-4999 income region. We also know that the income is in excess of RM2500 since 6% of RM2500 equals to RM150, which is RM90 short of the RM240 figure. Putting the RM90 in the equation:

RM90 tax = A x 9%
A = RM90/9% = RM1000

So the total income is RM2500 + RM1000 = RM3500

Question 3.

3.1. What is the Kuala Lumpur Declaration 1971 (Deklarasi Kuala Lumpur 1971) is about? It is the formation of a zone of peace, freedom and neutrality region in South East Asian. So the correct answer is b. You can read more about the Kuala Lumpur Declaration 1971 here.

3.2. The answer is d. When the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is to appoint a Prime Minister (Perdana Menteri), he will need to choose an Ahli Dewan Rakyat which gets the majority of the support, as well as a lawful Malaysia citizen. There is no element in the constitution that says he needs to be a Muslim, or a Malay.

Question 4.

The answer is d – job seeker. A lawyer’s statement is just a statement; which may come without evidence. Furthermore, only judge will decide if the defendant is guilty or not. A nurse cannot make guarantee about recovery of health. The professor’s statement is a prediction and is not a fact.

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