UPNM to Have Own Medical Faculty

The Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) will be offering medical courses with the setting up of its Military Medical Faculty next year. 40 students will be offered places when the faculty opens within a year time.

As the years go by and as the quality of the teaching improves, medical students who graduated from the UPNM can opt to join the army, or alternatively choosing the private or government sector.

Doctors and medical personnel are considered key personnel in the army daily operation, with most of the army camps within the country having their own clinic or health examination center. A few of them are equipped with well established specialized military hospitals, with some of them already identified as the possible medical training centers for the students.

Presently, most of the local doctors serving the army were those who were recruited for medical scholarship by the Ministry of Defense to pursue courses in local and foreign institutions. Upon the completion of the medical course, they are accorded an officer rank position carrying the title of Captain Doctor, and climb to higher ranks aligned to their seniority and length of service.

Apart from the locals, the Ministry also collaborates with the Pakistani government which provides some of their experienced army doctors to serve in Malaysia army camps.

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