Vietnam to Raise Minimum Salary

Vietnam has decided to raise the minimum salary or wage regulated in the country by about 20%. The decision was made to ease the burden of the people, with implementation expected to happen on May.

The fact that the government was being put under immense pressure by the citizens has also been indicated as the reason for the move.

Last year, thousands of civil servants and other government workers went on strike nationwide to demand an increase in pay. The increasing cost of living, coupled with the uncertainty caused by the global economic downturn, has made many Vietnamese suffer.

According to the official information from the government website, workers who are attached with the government and state-owned companies will see their salary increased from 540,000 dong (US$31) to 650,000 dong (US$37) per month. Apart from the basic pay, the pension give out will also be raised by about 5 percent.

Some three years back, the country also lifted the minimum salary by close to 30% involving those working in the armed forces, administrative, political organizations and small businesses.

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  1. Apart from all that cruel face of the world which Vietnam people have seen, now its really a positive new for the people inform of their salary raises surely this will give a bit relief to the people of Vietnam.

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