Warning Letter Sample

Warning letter sample for poor performance

Warning letter sample to an employee, given for a consistent below par performance.

Dear recipient,

Please take note that this letter serves as a first reminder and a warning for your recent performance which unfortunately has failed to adhere to the required standard of the company’s expectation.

2 complaints have been filed in the last two weeks on your late submissions of the branch’s Weekly Estimation Report (WER) and effort to get your co-operation has been futile. You have also failed to show up when summoned for emergency meeting on Monday, 12 September 2008 together with other branch members without a satisfactory explanation.

We would like to make it clear to you that we take the employee’s performance very seriously and any indication of a sub-par or below par performance will be subject to close scrutiny, and when necessary, disciplinary actions. Therefore, it is highly appreciated that you take this warning letter as a stern reminder to make attempt and improve your performance.

Should you have issues or problems that you need to speak about, please do not hesitate to come forward and talk to me.

Your sincerely,
The Human Resource Manager.

25 Replies to “Warning Letter Sample”

  1. I need a sample of warning letter for an employee who acted violently causing physical damages against his co-employee urgently. Please include some disciplinary actions to be taken against them.


  2. I need sample of warning letter for an employess late opening boutique at shopping mall.

    our company has get one warning letter from shopping mall management.

    thank you.

  3. I need a sample of warning letter about attitude & working ethic that causes company losses money. Convey wrong instruction – negligence

  4. i need a sample of warning letter about late looking for traning staff every 3month. i need this very urgent..plz help me.

    Thank you.

  5. I need urgently a sample verbal warning letter about 5 of my staff sleeping together 3 ladies and 2 man, all of them are married.

  6. Also i need a sample letter suspended for 3 day and deduction of 3 day salary due to argument after office hour out side our permises area.

  7. i need a sample warning letter for superviser grade subordinate regarding lack of supervision and misuse of authority

  8. i need a warning letter for playing computer game during office hour, insubordination, not perform the task under company procedure.

  9. I need urgently a sample of warning letter for a road construction
    contractor who has refused to perform. done only 30% of work
    at midway of the duration

  10. I need a sample of warning letter for an employee who didn’t guarded the door, and opened the door to let the cleaning staff free access to the company, and he went to sleep.

  11. Urgently i need a Warning letter for building construction project.

    Contractor work performance is very poor. I given money @ 75%. I lose Around 2 million Dhs. Pls. help me to prepare a final waring letter

  12. i need a sample of warning letter for the management team are not doing the work and failed to handle the management team.

  13. I need a sample memo reminding and warning to staff that are not really care about their job description.
    – wasting more time outside rather than sitting on their working places.
    – going outside to the toilet more than twice.
    – smoking outside before and after the morning break
    – late to work after lunch.

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