Warning Letter Sample [2]

Warning letter sample, discipline issue

Following is a warning letter sample for an employee with discipline issue/problem.

Dear Employee,

We refer to the incident occurred in this office on Monday, 6 October 2008 during which you were found to have verbally abused your Supervisor, Mr. Harold Singh, using threatening words. The incident happened after you were alleged to be unhappy and disgruntled with Mr Singh’s decision for not approving your application for a long leave.

Several office personnel were present during the occasion and had been witness to the unwarranted spat. After several minutes of words exchange, you were seen to dash out from the office and slammed your wrist to the door.

Upon further investigation by the team of inquiry, you have admitted your fault and has expressed your regret with the turns of events.

Please be reminded that we take discipline, behavior, attitude and conduct of the employees in this company very seriously, and any attempt to jeopardize the harmony in the team will be dealt in a serious manner. The company do not and will not tolerate usage of abusive and threatening languages against the co-workers for whatever reason it may appear.

Therefore, this letter would serve you a warning and an official indication that similar action will result in a more severe punishment. Please take your moment to clear the air with your Supervisor, apologize and not to repeat such outburst in the future.

We thank you for your co-operation; please stay committed to contribute to the company’s growth and create a healthy working environment.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Tony Fernandez,
Manager, Employee and Industrial Relation

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  1. How to write a warning letter to employee whom is absent from work without prior notice and came to work the next day for a half day and just when off without permission of the concern authorities.

    Secondly how to write a letter for not performing despite of frequently counselling and guidances from the superior on how to improve performance and as well to improve the atttitude of the employee which being not sincere. Chances has been given to the employee to improve but has not shown any result so far. A lead time of warning verbally was given to the employee( still under probation) up to end of this month, if still perceive, the employer will issue a termination or discharge letter.
    Can the employer issue the letter when the employee is not performing well and still under probation.

    Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you

  2. need immediately warning letter to staff who come in late to office and always lunchtime late half an hour.

  3. Kindly let me know how to write a verbal notice for leave application must give two week advance if fail to do will deduct salary.

    Thank you

  4. Dear Sir,
    How to write a Warning Letter to employee : –

    1. coming late to work (if fail on 3 time co have a right way to deduct salary)

    2. staff didn’t coming to work, there also never inform to the company (didn’t submit leave form befor and never get a call to co)

  5. Dear sir,

    Kindly provide a wrning letter sample for religion discrimination between staff because we want to warn a staff that he was discriminated other staff religion.

    thank you so much

  6. Name of Employee (Include Personnel No.)
    Designation of Employee
    In accordance to the policy/rule number (mention number or code), this warning letter has been issued to you on account of your ‘late ins’ for the past few days.

    Rules and regulations regarding to company procedures have been clarified at the first day of work, and you also agreed in a written form to abide all of them. However, it is observed that you have been constantly coming late to the office for reasons, yet unknown to the management. ‘Late ins’ affect the company’s productivity and would also affect your performance and appraisals rankings in the future. Problems if any, must be sorted out with your immediate supervisor. Henceforth, your in and out timings would be monitored by the higher management for indefinite period and also it is expected that you adhere to the ‘in timings’ as specified by the company. Failure to meet the requirements would result in serious actions, that might include termination of service.


  7. sir
    how to write a warning letter due to some of our emplyees are using drinks in their accommodation place and it makes disturbance for others.

    1. Dear sir ,
      I want to know how to write warning letter for that employee , who didnt care to company rules n regulation?

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