Warning Letter Sample for Late Coming

Warning letter sample for late coming

Warning letter sample for late coming, to an employee coming late for work without just excuse.

Dear Mrs. Semek Vaelu,

It has come to our attention that you have failed to oblige to our company policy in opening up our retail Bold is Beautiful outlet, in Melbourne Street, Santa Clara on time at 9am as stipulated in your contract of service.

Our timesheet record indicated that the incident occurred twice in a space of 3 days last week. First occurrence was reported on 1 October 2010 and the second happened on 3 October 2010. We had also inspected the CCTV footage that verified the report.

We understand that you have been summoned by the retail outlet Manager, Ms Oh Ba Mah for explanation. Unfortunately, your reasoning of ‘family emergency’ for both occasions was not well substantiated and hence we chose to reject your excuse.

I would like to emphasize here that we do not tolerate lack of discipline in the aspect of timeliness and this is applicable for every staff serving all departments in this company. We want all employees to adhere to this, respect their colleagues and supervisors, and continue to contribute towards the creation of a harmonious team.

On the other hand, we always endeavor to listen to our staff’s problems and grievances, and in case there is any issue or concern you would like to raise, please do so as we will be all ears for you.

Please treat this letter as the first warning letter to you for the offense you have committed as explained. Our hope is to continue having you to serve this company with dignity, respect each other and working hard towards making Bold is Beautiful a brand of choice.

Yours sincerely
Toby McKempis

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  1. I want to prepare a letter of my employee, letter of warning for not punching on Daily Time Record.

    Lindly help

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