When Borat attends interview

Let’s light up Friday session by watching Borat’s interview with a German TV.

Here’s my evaluation on Borat’s performance:

1. Behavior & Personality

Indecent physical move to kiss one’s private part. Improper opening question by asking, “Your wife will be asking questions?” and started comparing woman journalists with monkeys flying air planes.Calm and steady throughout the interview session with no sign of anxious and nervousness. Non-excessive physical movements. But overall, very weird personality.

2. Communication.

Clear English communication, even though with some thick mother tongue slang. However sometimes failed to articulate and elaborate more on the answers. For example:

Lady: Some consider your film racist and slanderous; is that a fair thing to say?
Borat: Yes, thank you.

Also, improper use of languages (e.g. @*#hole)

3. Knowledge

Average knowledge but with some shockingly outdated knowledge e.g. it’s no longer legal to shoot red Indians.

4.Overall evaluation on Borat.

Yes, recommended for a comedian position, but only on pre-recorded TV shows, and not live ones.

p/s: if you’re new to Borat, read about Borat in Wikipedia.

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