When Family Are Against Your Choice of Career

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive family behind their back. Some people have it all, but others have to face with all sorts of problems or better known as challenges when it comes to pursuing their dream career.

You might want to pursue a teaching career, but your family might want you to get involved with the family business. Sometimes, mum is being supportive but dad is going against your wish. Even sisters and brothers can make a difference.

How can you say no without hurting them, especially your parents?

If your family disagree with your choice of career, then there are two things you need to do.

  1. Acknowledge their disagreement while feeding them with facts.

    Show them you totally understand why they disagree with your choice and at the same time, show them the facts that your choice of career is definitely the best for you.

  2. Stop being defensive.

    Some people get very emotional (also defensive) when being questioned about making the right decision. This is the time to stop being defensive and start accepting what people are saying about your choice of career and flush them out of your system by doing a great job in your chosen career. This is a healthy way to deal with negativity. There is no point getting angry and lose focus.

Remember… your task is to show them you have chosen the best career for yourself and to neutralise their negativity, perhaps turn them into positivity.

Hopefully by demonstrating these traits will help them get over their negative feelings and start to show their support.

Good luck in pursuing your dream career!

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