Who is LiNa JobStreet?

If you are a JobStreet.com user, then you are most likely familiar with LiNa. LiNa, according to their own words, is your Personal Career Agent at JobStreet.com who assists job seekers like you in finding jobs. Essentially, what it does is searching and matching jobs for you according to your criteria, and send periodical updates on the latest job matching. You can also set as how often LiNa should send you the updates.

If you are not looking for jobs, LiNa can assist you in getting information about the industry hiring trend, the insight of the various jobs available, and options and opportunities available to advance your career.

When we organized or participated in career fairs, it amazes me to bump or heard about huge number of people coming to the JobStreet booth, asking for LiNa. In fact, while writing this, a friend told me about people who wrote a reply to LiNa to berkenalan! Also, perhaps, they have some issues that need LiNa’s personal attention. As far as I know, LiNa is not a person. It is a system, created to simplify the job search and job matching profile.

Who is LiNa Jobstreet?But their last email to me suggested that LiNa has become a person now? It says in the email that,

“To contact me, please give your feedback [link to feedback form].”

In a way, I hope this gives JobStreet.com something to think about getting LiNa ‘alive’. They should look at the astounding success of DiGi’s Yellow Man as their brand ambassador. It is also time to elevate the customer interaction into a more personal touch.

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  1. Dari awal saya menggunakan jobstreet ditahun 2006, saya tidak tahu dan tidak menyangka akan ada orang yang melakukan perkenalan/kirim email balik ke lina.

    Terima kasih atas informasinya, saya jadi bisa menambahkan kata2 supaya jangan mengirim email ke lina, karena lina adalah system/robot.

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