Workplace Romance: Encourage or Discourage

Most companies discouraged workplace romance for several reasons. You might think that it is not possible for you to find a man or woman you love in the office. Think again!

Your office is the most likely place to find your life partner. Why?

Count your working hours and you will understand why. If you work a consistent eight hours every day, five days a week, that means, you spend forty hours in the office every week, and 160 hours in the office every month. Can you imagine if you work more than eight hours a day?

You might also be wondering how you will find love in the office, when you are too busy at work.

Well, there are company events such as annual dinner, meaning everyone will gather to meet each other and have dinner together. It is very likely that you will find someone to spend the whole evening together, without being lonely. Not everyone likes annual dinner and often everyone needs to have company (i.e. a partner).

Other than, lunch time in the office would be a perfect time to ‘accidentally’ meet your future boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether you are having lunch in the cafeteria in your office or somewhere else, you are exposing yourself to all kinds of cupid arrows.

Other situations you are likely to find your life partner:

  • company holiday trip
  • happy hour
  • business trip
  • working late in the office

Why most companies are against workplace romance?

  1. You are most likely to get distracted from work (knowing that someone you love is in the same building).
  2. In case the two of you get married, both of you will be taking holidays on the same days (reduce the productivity).

So, are you encouraging or discouraging workplace romance? Tell us your stories.

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  1. Office romance works for as long as it continue its fairytale plot and ends up with fairytale ending. But imagine if the relationship turns sour and they break up in very unhealthy grounds. Workplace would be the last place we want to turn up every morning.

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