World’s Richest Brothers in Legal Battle

In gaining wealth and fame, nothing can come in between. Apparently not even family.

Mukesh and Anil Ambani, both of whom listed in the world’s top 10 richest men in 2008, are currently locked in a legal battle over business and personal interests.

Mukesh, the elder brother, has accummulated a net worth of $43 billion, making him the 5th richest person today behind Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Lakshmi Mittal. The younger Anil, on the other hand, is just behind on number six, with a fortune of $1 billion less than Mukesh.

The row started with Mukesh dragging Anil to the court after the two came into dispute over the distribution of gas supply and an unsolicited merger talk. With revenge in mind, the latter then filed a defamation suit worth $2.2 when Mukesh appeared to made a comment in an interview linking Anil with immoral business pursuits. Anil was alleged to have used a ‘secret squad’ in spying the competitors’ activities and their weaknessess.

The two has been in disagreement ever since the death of their father, which split the company he founded, Reliance apart. Reliance was built from a nobody to India’s most successful business empire. While effort is being made to get the brothers’ mother to mediate their dispute, harsh reality is in the taking as the business interest seems to come on top of the head instead of family.

Mukesh is also at the moment building what would be the most expensive house ever in the universe back in his hometown in Mumbai. The 27-storey mansion costs him $2 billion, 4 times more expensive than the current most expensive house, La Leopolda. The La Leopolda, which is located nearby Monte Carlo, was acquired recently by Roman Abrahamovich, the owner of Chelsea’s football club for $500 million.

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  1. It is funny to see the world’s richest men fighting for money. If they intend to climb higher in the ranking, fighting with each other will certainly make the situation worse. But I guess it is the revenge they are seeking. Apparently, this is a “rich” problem.

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