Your EPF Contribution i-Account

What is an EPF (Employee Provident Fund) i-Account?

i-Account is a personal online account which is available for EPF members and is accessible through the EPF website (here).

It is a useful feature that allows you to check and print out your latest EPF account statement, accumulated EPF contribution, review withdrawal status and history, consolidate transaction with EPF, update your personal particulars and contact details as well as calculating your available balance for withdrawal. Both employees and employers can register for an i-Account. Those who have withdrawn their EPF balance completely (zero balance in their account) will no longer able to create the account.

Setting up your EPF i-Account

Before opening your i-Account, make sure you have your EPF number with you. Normally, your EPF number is displayed on your monthly pay slip, together with the amount of deduction. But if it’s not there and you don’t keep any record of it, you can obtain your EPF number by visiting the nearest EPF branch, and ask for it (you will be asked for your IC/Mykad for verification. Alternatively, you can also call 03-8732 6000 and request for your account number.

To create your i-Account, the first 2 details you need to put in the registration form is your EPF account number and your IC number.

Once, you click ‘daftar’, you will be directed to a verification page, and if all the previous details are correct, your full name will appear and you will be asked to key in a verification code.

The next step is not that user friendly as it requires you to physically visit the nearest EPF office, bringing together your IC. The purpose of this is to get your Activation Code, which is needed when you need to log in the first time and activate your account, and is done through a simple set of steps at a smart kiosk. This is a self service machine, but in case you need some help there will be some friendly faces who will be able to help you. Some selected CIMB and Ambank branches also house these EPF smart kiosks for ease of the public access.

An Activation Code is actually a 6-digit code that you get to choose. What you need to do is insert your Mykad into the kiosk slot, verify your card ownership through a secondary, biometric system (just press your thumb on the machine for the system to read and register your thumb print), and follow the next instructions. While you are fiddling with this kiosk machine, you can also try other things such as printing your EPF statement.

The next thing to do is to is activate your account by logging in to your i-Account (first time log in) using the Activation Code you have generated.

Please also remember that the Activation Code expires in 90 days (3 months), so time yourself well on do not exceed the expiry date. A normal registration process i.e. choosing of your username, password and security question will follow.

Once the registration process is completed, you now have an EPF i-Account, and through your personal account, you can check, review, make changes and do a host of other things to your account, from the convenient of your own home and time.

EPF i-Account

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  1. I want to know where to check my EPF account number.
    As mentioned above, EPF office, EPF smart kiosk, or online through EPF i-Account.
    But i need to obtain my EPF account number to set up i-Account thru internet.
    Where to find EPF office and EPF small kiosk?

  2. if a person is declare bankrupt, can he withdraw the money after 55 years. if yes, does this money with go to pay the debtor.

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