Shipping Assistant, Averis

Averis is a major player and is an established MSC-status company that provides a comprehensive range of back-end support to the RGM International Group of Companies. The shared services support drives the companies in the group devoting to their resources and focus on their strategic and push the business forward. Averis specializes in the field of Human Resources, Information Technology and Finance & Accounting.

Vacancy: Shipping Assistant.

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Financial Analyst, LexisNexis, May 2008

LexisNexis is a major company providing comprehensive information and business solution for a wide range of market sectors including legal, corporate, risk management, academic and law enforcement. The company operates in 100 countries worldwide, employing 13,000 employees, dedicated o rendering its best customer service to the clients.

Vacancy: Financial Analyst

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General Driver, LHDN

LHDN or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri is the premier collecting agency for the Ministry of Finance, and is established in accordance to the need for a integrated financial and personnel management, as well as improving the quality and efficiency of the tax collection.

Jawatan Kosong: Pemandu Am

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Sales Engineer, Farnell, May 2008

Farnell-Newark belongs to Premier Farnell Plc, which is a corporation listed on London Stock Exchange. The company is an established business-to-business (B2B), small order, high service distributor of electronic parts and components as well as products to the design and engineering industry. The company distributes and markets more than 500,000 products and services throughout different regions.

Vacancy: Field Sales Engineer (Selangor/Kuala Lumpur)

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