Nurse, Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is inviting suitable applicants to join the department for the following position(s). Interested candidates shall apply through the online application form provided by the SPA.

Job vacancy: Nurse
Ministry/office: Ministry of Health

[Online job application form]

Kementerian Kesihatan menjemput calon calon yang sesuai untuk menjadi sebahagian dari warga kerja dengan memohon jawatan kosong seperti di bawah. Calon calon yang berminat hendaklah membuat permohonan online menerusi borang SPA8.

Jawatan: Jururawat
Kementerian: Kementerian Kesihatan

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14 thoughts on “Nurse, Ministry of Health”

  1. i’m student nurse in private year i will grad,so i want to find the job nurse in goverment sector.

  2. im student nurse from nilai already pass in my,i want to find the job at goverment or private hospital.

  3. i’m a student nurse from private college.i want to apply the job as a staff nurse in government or private hospital.thank you.

  4. im already pass LJm..
    and i want to find job at government or privte hospital..
    thank you for any information..

  5. I just graduated from dip in biotechnology..currently looking for job in laboratory,it could better if a goverment job..

  6. im already pass in my LJM….i am stdnt nurse from kolej poly-tech mara….i want to find r job in private hsptal…….

  7. hi
    my name is firouz ghanbary. i am a medical laboratory nationality is iranian and i am moslem.i married and having a 17 years old son family live and study in malaysia, it is vey difficult for me being in iran and abroad from my family.I have 20 years of work experiences in medical lab,if it is possible for you please assist me for working in malaysia and becoming near my family. if you need my academic and scientific document i am completely ready for offering and sending you as soon as possible.
    with best regard
    Dr.Firouz ghanbary shams abad
    doctor of clinical laboratory

  8. hello,
    my name is nor syahirah ishak.i am a fresh graduated student from private college at shah alam.i am study in medical laboratory technology, now i want looking for my career..plz email me as soon as possible.tq..

  9. hi,
    i am a student final year from kolej poly tech mara kota baru in nursing course..if it is possible any information about nursing job which goverment or private,please contact me and sending information to me.
    thank you,

  10. I am student nurse from private college. i want job in goverment sector. by next year i will graduated so i want find job in goverment hospital.thank you for ur futher information

  11. hi my name Nurmarlina from temerloh pahang.i’m student nursing private college at subang jaya.i’m will graduate next year so i want to find a job at gov hospital..please inform me tq..

  12. my name is qurrotul, i am diplomatic in physiotherapy kpjiuc, currently im working in physiotherapy center and part time physio, i would like to work with you,

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