Job Vacancy with MOSTI, Sept 09

The Ministry of Technology, Sains and Innovation (MOSTI) was first established as the Ministry of Technology, Research & Local Government in 1973 before it evolved to become what it is known today. The organization now looks forward to hire the following position:

Job vacancy: Electrical Machine Guard (Grade R17)

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Application deadline is 9 Sept 2009.

Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi pada awalnya ditubuhkan sebagai Kementerian Teknologi, Kajian dan Kerajaan Tempatan sebelum mengalami evolusi yang membawa sehingga ke tahap hari ini. Organisasi ini kini sedang mencari calon yang sesuai untuk jawatan kosong yang berikut:

Jawatan: Penjaga Jentera Elektrik (Gred R17)

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One thought on “Job Vacancy with MOSTI, Sept 09”

  1. im a diploma holder in Masterskill University of Health Science and successful completed my diploma in healthcare management. i also have STPM certificate. i really like to work with Malaysia government and expecting you answer soon for any job that qualified to my qualifications.
    thank you..esther@sabah, 0193695749

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